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Bug Bunny

Bug Bunny Inhaltsverzeichnis

Bugs Bunny ist der Name eines Trickfilm-Hasen oder -Kaninchens, der den Warner-Bros.-Zeichentrick-Studios entstammt. Entwickelt wurde die Figur von Ben Hardaway, Tex Avery und Chuck Jones. Außerdem war Bob Givens an der Figurenentwicklung. Bugs Bunny ist der Name eines Trickfilm-Hasen oder -Kaninchens, der den Warner-Bros.-Zeichentrick-Studios entstammt. Entwickelt wurde die Figur von Ben. Dies ist eine Liste der verschiedenen Bugs-Bunny-Zeichentrickfilme. In Ben Hardaways und Cal Daltons Schweinchen-Dick-Kurzfilm Porky's Hare Hunt erschien. Bugs Bunny ist ein kluger, vorlauter und frecher Hase. Das ist eine gute Kombination, um seine Gegner siegreich auszutricksen. Egal, wie gerissen die Pläne. Bugs Bunny lässt in fast jeder sich bietenden Gelegnheit immer seinen berühmten und sarkastischen Spruch "Ehhh, Is was Doc?" (englisch: Ehhh, Whats up Doc.

Bug Bunny

Bugs Bunny ist der Name eines Trickfilm-Hasen oder -Kaninchens, der den Warner-Bros.-Zeichentrick-Studios entstammt. Entwickelt wurde die Figur von Ben. Bugs Bunny lässt in fast jeder sich bietenden Gelegnheit immer seinen berühmten und sarkastischen Spruch "Ehhh, Is was Doc?" (englisch: Ehhh, Whats up Doc. Bugs Bunny ist ein kluger, vorlauter und frecher Hase. Das ist eine gute Kombination, um seine Gegner siegreich auszutricksen. Egal, wie gerissen die Pläne.

ሎ Zum Beispiel kann ein US-Spieler vor die staatliche Lizenzierung, Einhaltung Tests zeigen auch, dass die Online-GlГcksspiel-Seite verarbeiten, Bug Bunny die BГnke.

La Liga Meister Baby Buggy Bunny [6]. Vogel im Frack [38]. Osterhasen-Vertretung [6]. Rabbitson Crusoe.
Guns And Roses Wettquoten Eurovision 2020
Bug Bunny Millionenspiel [37]. Im Falle eines Falles [6]. Die Verabredung [37]. Möhren, Monster, Mutationen [6] [37].
Bug Bunny Marvin MarsmenschK Ein Hase aus Manhattan [6]. Alle Wunder dieser Welt [3]. Hasinitis [6]. Bugs Bunny lässt in fast jeder sich bietenden Gelegnheit immer seinen berühmten und sarkastischen Spruch "Ehhh, Is click Doc? Auch wenn Bugs sie als Freunde an sieht.
Diese neunteilige Reihe wurde bis insgesamt viermal herausgegeben, und Https:// neigt Bugs oft dazu sehr perfektionistisch zu sein. Musik, Maestro! Wiki erstellen. Das Kampfkarnickel [47] [38]. Alternativtitel: Falscher Hase [22] ; So ein Hasenbraten [3]. From Hare to Eternity. Im Kaufhaus ist der Hase los [6] [21]. Rabbit Hood. Visit web page Bunny und der Indianer [3]. Eintrag in der National Film Go here ; Kurzauftritt; dt. Millionenspiel [37]. Auch wenn Bugs sie als Freunde an sieht. Alternativtitel: Osterbunny [31]. Der Hase, der zum Essen kam [6]. Jones, Chuck Retrieved Plot Keywords. Looney Tunes on Television. I play it Lottolan, but I can get here under the collar. The result had a closer resemblance to Max Hare. Einmal ein Star sein [6]. Alternativtitel: Falscher Hase [22] ; So ein Hasenbraten [3]. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Mississippi Hare. Kommt ein Häschen geflogen [6]. Eintrag in der National Film Registry. Https:// [37]. Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual [6]. Pannen Bunny! Falscher Hase [6] [37]. Hillbilly Bunny [6]. Einmal unter dem Titel Bunny und seine Kumpane Premiere: Alternativtitel: Bugs Bunny im Wilden Westen [35].

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Das liegt zum einen an den sogenannten Public-Domain-Cartoons, bei denen in den USA vergessen wurde, das US-amerikanische Copyright zu erneuern und die seither von jedem, der an die Vorlagen kommt, veröffentlicht werden dürfen. Super-Schlappohr [6]. Now, Hare This. See more Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Hillbilly Bunny [6]. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Insgesamt sind Kurzfilme mit Bugs Bunny bzw. Kein Schlägertyp ist so wuchtig, kein Heuchler so gut, kein aufgeblasener Widersacher so mächtig, dass Bugs ihn nicht gutgelaunt in die Pfanne hauen kann. Alternativtitel: Häschen Langohr und der Roboter [43].

Unlike Space Jam , Back in Action was a box-office bomb , [49] though it did receive more positive reviews from critics.

In , Bugs appeared on a U. The stamp is number seven on the list of the ten most popular U. The introduction of Bugs onto a stamp was controversial at the time, as it was seen as a step toward the 'commercialization' of stamp art.

The postal service rejected many designs and went with a postal-themed drawing. Avery Dennison printed the Bugs Bunny stamp sheet, which featured "a special ten-stamp design and was the first self-adhesive souvenir sheet issued by the U.

Postal Service. In the action-comedy Loonatics Unleashed , his definite descendant Ace Bunny is the leader of the Loonatics team and seems to have inherited his ancestor's Brooklyn accent and comic wit.

The characters feature new designs by artist Jessica Borutski. Among the changes to Bugs' appearance were the simplification and enlargement of his feet, as well as a change to his fur from gray to a shade of mauve though in the second season, his fur was changed back to gray.

At the same time, Bugs is more openly annoyed at Daffy's antics in the series sometimes to the point of aggression , compared to his usual carefree personality from the original cartoons.

Bugs and Daffy are close friends with Porky Pig in the series, although Bugs tends to be a more reliable friend to Porky than Daffy is.

Bugs also dates Lola Bunny in the show despite the fact that he finds her to be "crazy" and a bit too talkative at first he later learns to accept her personality quirks, similar to his tolerance for Daffy.

Unlike the original cartoons, Bugs lives in a regular home which he shares with Daffy, Taz whom he treats as a pet dog and Speedy Gonzales , in the middle of a cul-de-sac with their neighbors Yosemite Sam, Granny , and Witch Hazel.

In , Bugs starred in the direct-to-video film Looney Tunes: Rabbits Run , [56] and later returned to television yet again as the star of Cartoon Network and Boomerang 's comedy series New Looney Tunes formerly Wabbit.

The only one to consistently beat Bugs is Cecil Turtle , who defeats Bugs in three consecutive shorts based on the premise of the Aesop fable The Tortoise and the Hare.

Bugs almost always wins these conflicts, a plot pattern which recurs in Looney Tunes films directed by Chuck Jones. Concerned that viewers would lose sympathy for an aggressive protagonist who always won, Jones arranged for Bugs to be bullied, cheated, or threatened by the antagonists while minding his own business, justifying his subsequent antics as retaliation or self-defense.

He's also been known to break the fourth wall by "communicating" with the audience, either by explaining the situation e. This style was used and established by Tex Avery.

Bugs usually tries to placate his antagonist and avoid conflict but, when an antagonist pushes him too far, Bugs may address the audience and invoke his catchphrase "Of course you realize this means war!

As mentioned earlier, this line was taken from Groucho Marx. Bugs paid homage to Groucho in other ways, such as occasionally adopting his stooped walk or leering eyebrow-raising in Hair-Raising Hare , for example or sometimes with a direct impersonation as in Slick Hare.

Other directors, such as Friz Freleng , characterized Bugs as altruistic. Bugs' nonchalant carrot-chewing standing position, as explained by Freleng, Jones and Bob Clampett , originated in a scene from the film It Happened One Night , in which Clark Gable 's character Peter Warne leans against a fence, eating carrots rapidly and talking with his mouth full to Claudette Colbert 's character.

This scene was well known while the film was popular, and viewers at the time likely recognized Bugs Bunny's behavior as satire.

Coincidentally, the film also features a minor character, Oscar Shapely, who addresses Peter Warne as "Doc", and Warne mentions an imaginary person named "Bugs Dooley" to frighten Shapely.

The carrot-chewing scenes are generally followed by Bugs' most well-known catchphrase, "What's up, Doc? Avery explained later that it was a common expression in his native Texas and that he did not think much of the phrase.

When the cartoon was first screened in theaters, the "What's up, Doc? The phrase was sometimes modified for a situation.

For example, Bugs says "What's up, dogs? He might also greet Daffy with "What's up, Duck? Several Chuck Jones films in the late s and s depict Bugs travelling via cross-country and, in some cases, intercontinental tunnel-digging, ending up in places as varied as Barcelona, Spain Bully for Bugs , the Himalayas The Abominable Snow Rabbit , and Antarctica Frigid Hare all because he "knew he shoulda taken that left toin at Albukoikee.

The confused response to his "left toin" comment also followed a pattern. Since when is Pismo Beach inside a cave? The following are the various vocal artists who have voiced Bugs Bunny over the last 80 years for Warner Bros.

Mel Blanc voiced the character for almost 50 years, from Bugs' debut in the short A Wild Hare until Blanc's death in Blanc described the voice as a combination of Bronx and Brooklyn accents; however, Tex Avery claimed that he asked Blanc to give the character not a New York accent per se , but a voice like that of actor Frank McHugh , who frequently appeared in supporting roles in the s and whose voice might be described as New York Irish.

Though Blanc's best known character was the carrot-chomping rabbit, munching on the carrots interrupted the dialogue.

Various substitutes, such as celery , were tried, but none of them sounded like a carrot. So, for the sake of expedience, Blanc munched and then spit the carrot bits into a spittoon , rather than swallowing them, and continued with the dialogue.

One often-repeated story, which dates back to the s, [67] is that Blanc was allergic to carrots and had to spit them out to minimize any allergic reaction — but his autobiography makes no such claim.

Bugs Bunny was continuously featured in comic books for more than 40 years, from to , and has appeared sporadically since then. Bugs was a recurring star in that book all through its issue run, which lasted until July The company also published 81 issues of the joint title Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny from December to During the s Dell also published a number of Bugs Bunny spinoff titles.

The German publisher Condor published a issues Bugs Bunny series translated and reprinted from the American comics in the mids. The Danish publisher Egmont Ehapa produced a weekly reprint series in the mids.

The Bugs Bunny comic strip ran for almost 50 years, from January 10, to December 30, , syndicated by the Newspaper Enterprise Association.

It started out as a Sunday page and added a daily strip on November 1, The strip originated with Chase Craig , who did the first five weeks before leaving for military service in World War II.

According to Guinness World Records , Bugs has appeared in more films both short and feature-length than any other cartoon character , and is the ninth most portrayed film personality in the world.

He also has been a pitchman for companies including Kool-Aid and Nike. In , TV Guide compiled a list of the 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time as part of the magazine's 50th anniversary.

Bugs Bunny was given the honor of number 1. The editor also explained why Bugs pulled top billing: "His stock Bugs is the best example He not only is a great cartoon character, he's a great comedian.

He was written well. He was drawn beautifully. He has thrilled and made many generations laugh. He is tops.

They attribute this to, "their ability to constantly flip the script on their unwitting counterparts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Warner Bros. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I play it cool, but I can get hot under the collar.

And above all I'm a very 'aware' character. And sometimes I chomp on my carrot for the same reason that a stand-up comic chomps on his cigar.

It saves me from rushing from the last joke to the next one too fast. And I sometimes don't act, I react. And I always treat the contest with my pursuers as 'fun and games.

Let's face it, Doc. It's only funny because it's in a situation. It was an all Bugs Bunny line. It wasn't funny.

If you put it in human terms; you come home late one night from work, you walk up to the gate in the yard, you walk through the gate and up into the front room, the door is partly open and there's some guy shooting under your living room.

So what do you do? You run if you have any sense, the least you can do is call the cops. But what if you come up and tap him on the shoulder and look over and say 'What's up Doc?

That's ridiculous. That's not what you say at a time like that. So that's why it's funny, I think. In other words it's asking a perfectly legitimate question in a perfectly illogical situation.

See also: List of Bugs Bunny cartoons. Film portal United States portal Cartoon portal Biography portal. Henry Holt. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords.

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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. Bugs Bunny, the famous, Oscar-winning cartoon rabbit, hosts his first weekly television series, along with all his fellow Warner Brothers cartoon stars, including Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Added to Watchlist.

Top-Rated Episodes S2. Error: please try again. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of The Bugs Bunny Show have you seen?

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Mel Blanc Learn more More Like This.

Freely translated:. The film — in the fastest imaginable 3D computer animation — almost seems like being produced by Blue Sky studios, the producer of Ice Age , so natural and precise as the rabbit hairs wave in the wind.

Gosh, that we can do this too, you then think a while. And understandable that the eyes of the kids hanging in the beanbags of the theatre are glued on this Dutch rabbit humour.

Friday August 8th: Disney visit. There was a screening arranged in the main viewing room, and quickly after 12 PM the room quickly filled with about people.

After showing BBB people laughed!

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World's Funniest Cartoon Characters. Bugs Bunny is a very smart rabbit. He has innumerable rabbit holes all over the place which.

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